●   2nd international promise and club lise conference

The second international promise conference took place on May 17-20, 2007 in Sarajevo. The conference included a meeting of all Clubs Lise.

The topic of the meeting was "Astronomy".

Programme: Workshops, astronomical observations, presentations, exchange of experiences, discussions and a meeting of the steering committee.

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●   Promise presentation at the ETC in Graz

The presentation took place on 19.1.2007 at the ETC in Graz.

Lecture of Klaus Starl, ETC, Equal Opportunities in the Access to Education

Lecture of Tanja Tajmel, HU Berlin, Promise, the concept of language-skill promoting science education

Lecture of Lamija Tanovic, University of Sarajevo, Promise in Bosnia and Herzegovina


●   1st international promise and club lise conference

The conference took place on 5th/6th April 2006 at Humboldt-University of Berlin. Here you can get an impression of the activities at the 1st promise conference.