How to realise equality of chances in science education in a multicultural and multilinguistic society? This Book and DVD present a solution-oriented approach on a theoretical and practical level. This includes recommendations for school authorities, suggestions for teacher trainings and teaching material for science lessons.

The authors are scientists and experts of natural, social and educational sciences from Germany, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey.

“This book definitely deserves its title! Such cooperation is in itself an accomplishment, indeed too rare in academic and public life. I am fascinated by the common adherence to basic human values and democracy that seem to underpin the writings by the authors behind the book. It is most revealing to see how they, from widely different backgrounds, manage to address common important issues. These are challenges that face Europe as a whole, as well as each country in particular.” (Svein Sjoberg)

Addressees of this book are experts of education, teachers, teacher trainers, school authorities as well as politicians. The book is a contribution to gender and diversity mainstreaming.


2nd international promise Conference Sarajevo: Download Poster

promise  ● promotion of migrants in science education

The goal of the project promise is to promote young people, who are underprivileged due to the fact of having migration background and their socioeconomic status, in science education and in choosing science careers

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. Science classes in the project partners’ countries Germany, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Turkey shall be developed towards the realisation of equality of chances in education for all pupils.

The goal is pursued by …

promotion of young migrant girls at high school level through Club Lise – a promotion activity especially for talented migrant girls as a direct supporting measure for their choice of studies.

sensitisation of teachers and school authorities for the specific problems of multilingual/multicultural groups

development of new teaching concepts by a promise-team consisting of teachers and experts of science, language and intercultural education.

teacher training for special methods of science education in multicultural/multilingual classes

cooperation between teachers and education experts of countries of origin and countries of residence for international harmonization of science education

Each of the four partner universities founded a promise- team and a Club Lise . There are annual international meetings of all teams. All teams meet at an annual international conference.


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